Friday, 18 January 2013

Mini NARS haul

So these goodies come from a impulse online shopping session. 
I love NARS and I think it is (wait for it...) my favourite makeup brand ever. 
I have never been disappointed with any products I have brought from them.

So I managed to retrain myself and order 3 things. 
Now technically it was only 2 items as my NARS Luguna Bronzer was a repurchase as I have nearly used mine up and can't imagine life without it (I went there...)
When I order expensive things I always do a lot of research for swatches and product pay off and the two eyeshadow duos that I had heard a lot about and wanted to try were "Kalahari" and "All About Eve"

 NARS Kalahari composes of two bronze shades, left reminding me off Woodwinked from MAC and the right a cool toned taupe. I won't ramble on about the soft consistency of the NARS eyeshadows and how pigmented they always are, but by jove they've done it again. Both eyeshadows being metallic with frost finishes if your looking for a matt eyeshadow then these arn't for you but personally I love frosted eyeshadows.

Next Duo that I ordered was All about Eve.When I looked at them in the pan I wasn't over the moon but then I stuck my grubby mitts in (irony, my friends will know hands have to be freshly washed before touching my makeup.) Anyway these are both very light subtle colours that are again, frost finished but I think these are perfect day time eyeshadows and will be perfect in summer with a tan and little makeup on. 

Left: Old NARS Laguna, Right: New NARS Laguna

My love hate relationship with NARS packaging.... 
There buttery soft cases look stunning and give them a iconic feature, however, chuck them in your makeup bag and show a bit to much love for a product and it will change colour and all dirt/makeup will cling to it. Which isn't ideal.
Other than that I do love NARS. 

With NARS not being on the cheapest of Makeup brands I only splash out on their products occasionally but I will defiantly be picking some more up as I haven't tried a single thing that has disappointed me.

NARS can be brought from SpaceNK shops or online: 
NARS laguna Bronzer: £25 (link)
NARS "All About Eve" Duo: £24  (link)
NARS "Kalahari" Duo: £24 (link)

Whats your favourite NARS product?

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  1. I love the Kalahari duo. I use mine all the time, there great for everyday looks xx

  2. I've actually been lusting after All About Eve for ages. Might make a sneaky buy next time I'm at Space NK. <3

  3. Nice blog you have...wanna follow each other?
    please follow with GFC, just leave me a comment and I'll follow u back!

  4. been looking for a new bronzer for ages, helpful post!
    bella xx

  5. oh I loved this post! I think for my next post I'll swatch all my NARS duos! x


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