Saturday, 8 December 2012

InStyler Rotating Iron

The only way I can describe this contraption is a pimped up mix between a curler and straighter. It is truly bazaar. I have been trying it out for a couple of months now and I thought it was about time I shared my thoughts with you lovely chaps. 

InStyler Rotating Iron Purple 32mm **

So when this arrived I was confused. I couldn't work out how it worked what is what and I just didn't understand, was it a hair curler,  a straighter or simply a hair brush with a metal stick attached to it. I just didn't get it. After reading about it more and looking some more I found out it has many different uses. So I thought, I’ll start with straightening my hair, showered, dried my hair, hair oil in, ready to go. Clamp this down on my hair and it makes the most creepy noise, the silver barrel rotates. I don’t know why I didn't realise this as now I see it does say ‘rotating’ barrel all over the packaging. So anyway I straightened my hair and yep it did the job, was I over the moon about the results? Not really but it didn't do anything wrong.

So the next time I used it I thought I would curl my hair, and by Joe this is when this beast works its best. What I found worked best was wrapping your hair round the barrel like a normal hair curler and then closing it so the barrel actually starts to rotate. It creates curls that last all day and that are big and bouncy.
Now since I got this I have actually seen the adverts on the old TV and what they claim you can create with this. Now unless I’m doing something completely wrong I can’t get it to work for the “volume at the roots” aspect of things. I've tried and all I accomplished was a burnt scalp and funny looking hair.
To sum a long rambley review up, am I impressed with the “Instyler rotating Iron” yes and no. I think the whole thing is a bit gimmicky and I’m still not convinced however for curling your hair it does an amazing job. I think this is the perfect item for someone who is looking for a new set of curlers and straighteners as this is 2 in 1. It is on the pricey end of £99 but I do think that they are worth it. 

You can pick the InStyler up exclusively from boots online or in stores for £99

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