Sunday, 4 November 2012

What Instagram saw this week #2

1. The wonderful Christmas cups came out, 2. Working hard with a cheeky Starbucks, 3. On my friends door- found it very funny, 4. My 'I miss you face', 5. Woops may have done some online shopping, 6. Another Starbucks, 7. Wore my PJs and Uggs on the tube back home- got some funny looks!, 8. Halloween- spooky photo!, 9. Halloween face paint!, 10. Made a Halloween cake- it was a graveyard, 11. Burnt my finger while making the cake :( , 12. Only friends are my Hay Farm animals, 13. Blood nails!, 14. Scary skull nails, 15. Rocking red lipstick-very unlike me!

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