Thursday, 8 November 2012

Lush Cinders Bath Bomb

"Almond essential oil, sweet orange oil and cinnamon leaf oil give a smooth fruity scent with a touch of spice.It lifts the mind and lingers on the skin"

So Lush was a shop that years ago I hated and couldn't even walk past without finding it so overpowering and full on- I think lots of people feel this way about it. However when I started reading blogs and looking into things I kept hearing loads of wonderful great things about their products. So I took the plunge one day and took a shopping list recommended by Lucy from LucyWrites (link) and ignored the over powering smell and just picked up a few products. I loved the products. Individually the products are less over powering and actually are pretty nice. I get bits and bobs from lush throughout the year- odd face mask here, bath bomb there, but the Christmas collection is when I go crazy and want everything. It all smells so Christmasy and makes you feel all warm and cosy.

To sum up a very long story I picked up lots of the Christmas collection and my new favourite this year is Cinders bath bomb. It smells of cinnamon and spices. The best way I can describe it is imagine the smell of Christmas, now shove all of that into a bath bomb and bobs your uncle you've made a Cinders bath bomb. 

It has popping candy on the top of it - which is meant to represent the crackling of a fire, which I don't quite understand because your in a bath.... Anyway I didn't even notice the popping candy until I tried to listen for it and yes you can hear it but its nothing special.

Not only is this just the best bath bomb ever it is one of the cheapest from the Christmas collection (always a plus!) at £2.25 each. Sometimes I split it in half and so I get 2 uses out of one bath bomb but other times I'm just to lazy and throw the whole thing in. 

To conclude this long ramble of a post about a bath bomb this is just the perfect thing to put in your bath on a Sunday evening when you want to be relaxed, warm and want to feel a bit festive. So if you were, like me, a bit scared and overwhelmed by Lush all I can say is go in and try this bath bomb and you will not regret it!

Cinders bath Bomb - £2.25 (link)

What's your favourite products from Lush?


  1. i love cinnamon! this looks lovely!

  2. This is my all time favourite bath bomb x

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