Tuesday, 30 October 2012

"If we didn't look at the price" Christmas Wishlist

So here is my "Christmas Wishlist" if I could have ANYTHING in the world and I didn't have to worry about the price of things.

Jimmy Choo Tyler studded leather IPad sleeve - £295. So this seems on the rather pricey side (ok, very pricey) but I can't find any cheaper alternatives. I really want a leather studded IPad case that DOESN'T cost nearly as much as the IPad itself. 

Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay Cologne - £38.00 for 30ml or £78.00 for 100ml. I haven't           ever owned anything from Jo Malone before but I always go into their shop and cover myself head to toe in their gorgeous perfumes.

Nails Inc Bling It On Rocks - £20. I really want to try these! They look amazing and very Christmas Party.

Babyliss Pro Ceramic dial A Heat Tong - £19.95 in 24 inch. Need some new hair curlers and the ones I have are really thin and create tight locks whereas I prefer big bouncy loose curls.

Yves Saint Laurent Arty Oval Ring - £180 (ok maybe a copy of this!) Although one day I do want a real one as its so pretty.

NARS Andy Warhol Highlighting Blush in "Satellite of Love" - £21. Apparently this is the perfect blush/ highlighter. 

Nike Blazers in Black - £65. I'm getting bored of throwing on the UGGS but I want something easy that goes with everything and I love these Nike Blazers. Not everyones a fan but you can't please everyone!

Apple MacBook Pro - £1,799 <-- Since when did these get SO expensive

What would be on your Dream Christmas Wishlist?


  1. I'll just join you here and say yes please, can I have it all? xo

  2. I love the YSL ring!


    1. It's stunning. If only I could afford it- plus I'd be scared I'd loose it, not very good with rings! x

  3. Those Nike Blazers are on my Christmas list, but will be my main present haha :)
    Have you tried the MUA nail constellations? They're basically what the Nails Inc balls are, but are only £3! I did a review recently if you want to look at it!

    1. yeah I have tried the MUA nail constellations and I'm not sure if I like them or not, cant decide! But this Nails Inc is glitter not the balls one :) xx


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