Monday, 17 September 2012

Essie Haul

So when I last popped into Superdrug I noticed that they had the new Essie line in and went a bit over the top with nail polish's.

I picked up 5 colours and then a nail strengthener. The colours are (from right to left) Peach Daiquiri Ballet Slippers, Nail strengthener, Mint Candy Apple, Too Too Hot, Sugar Daddy.

I love the new brushes as i found that the old ones a real effort to paint with, always ended up streaky! Most of the colours you only need a couple of coats - Ballet Slippers and Sugar Daddy a few more.

I painted my nails with Too Too Hot five days ago and its still going strong, these polishes hardly chip (when used with a good top coat) and i'm very impressed with them.

I know as they are on the pricier side that Superdrug need to take some security precautions but when you try take off these ugly stickers they refuse to and end up looking hideous!

Other than that I LOVE the new Essie range. Which other colours should i pick up?

Essie Nail Polishes: £7.99 from Superdrug or Boots


  1. All great colors! I really want to get mint candy apple!

  2. I HATE those superdrug security tags, they are the worst things to get off! Peach Daiquiri looks like a beautiful colour! x

  3. Wow too too hot is a gorgeous colour, I've not seen that one before :-)


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