Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Ok, so I'm a little new to this whole 'beauty box' world. I decided to sign up for 'Glossybox' last week and well, here is a quick review.
I'm going to keep it short and sweet as you've probably seen this box now like 4 thousand billion times (not over exaggerated at all?)

Ok, so the first thing I noticed is my box is COMPLETELY different to everyone's. I know that they are meant to be and they 'match' to your skin type, but I mean mines a different box completely.
I was really excited while reading other peoples reviews to finally try out the HD brows, but nope, not in mine.
I don't mean to be negative because these boxes are obviously loved by hundreds of people all the place but first impressions, not so good. The only conclusion I can come to is that I ordered mine late so they might have ran out of all the normal things so had to throw mine together with other bits and bobs. Some might say i'm in fact "special" or 'lucky'

Moving swiftly on, "what was inside your Glossybox then?!" I hear you all scream.

Well, here is a list of what mine contained. 

Collin Resultime- Regenerating Collagen Gel- Multitasking superhero containing 15 key skin molecules. Use daily as a serum or sleep mask.
I haven't tried this yet as i'm always careful with trying new skincare items as so many things break me out.

Awapuhi wild ginger - Texturizing Sea Spray - Create a tousled, beachy style any time. This surf- inspired spray adds texture and body to any locks.
Now I am a huge fan of Sea Salt Spray, especially the Bumble and Bumble one, so i was excited to try this out. I think this has over taken my B&B one. It doesn't dry out your hair at all which I find most Sea Salt Sprays do yet gives you're hair a bit of texture.

MONU - Calming Cream - this green-tinted cream works by neutralising the redness often noticed on the cheeks and chin area.
This was the product I was least excited about, i don't really get redness on my face so I don't feel I need this and I'm not sure what but something about this product screams to me "I'M GOING TO BREAK YOU OUT" - I may just be going crazy. 

Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics Lip Frosting - Irish Cream Pavlova - A multifunctional cream gloss. Use on lips for a tint of colour, or cheeks for a luminous glow.
Now this was something that everyone got, I haven't tried anything from this company before. I really like the smell of this product and the packaging is cute. The colour, meh , I don't like it on the lips but its nice on the cheeks, gives a natural glow.

Kryolan- Satin Powder - this micro-fine powder will create extraordinary shimmer effect eye make up.
I might be wrong but i have a feeling people got this in last months Glossybox? Its a loose eyeshadow, the colours really pretty but its nothing that special. Its a good champagne colour but I find pigments messy and are just a hassle to use on day to day basis. 

I also got an Elizabeth Arden packet sample which went straight to my mum as my skin hates Elizabeth Arden.

Overall I really like the experience of the whole "beauty box" thing but i'm just a little bummed by the products I received.


  1. I'm not subscribed to boxes but like seeing what people get. Jelly Pong Pong is a lovely company, cute & quirky packaging :)

  2. I canceled mine i didn't feel Glossybox were offering very good products for there money & i always seem to end up with lots of creams & shower gels :/ lol

  3. I'm not a member of any boxes but like seeing what people got, what a bummer about the HD brows not being included. The packaging is cute though, I'll say that.




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