Saturday, 21 January 2012

Smashbox Softbox

Now, for everyone who has been reading my blog I'm pretty sure has guessed I'm obsessed with eye shadows. I really don't have enough eyes to wear all the eye shadows. I need to stop buying them!

I brought this before Christmas and I didn't show it to much love. The thing is, I don't know why?

 The eye shadows themselves are so smooth. They are also really pigmented! I'm really impressed by the quality of them. However, I'm not a fan of the colour selection.  Some of them are really pretty, others are pretty just don't suit me at all! 

In this palette there are 2 completely matt colours which is really good as it makes it more day time suitable. However the matt's don't really do it for me, I sometimes use Vanilla as a highlight but its nothing special. My 2 favourite eye shadows in this is Fizz and Minx. Fizz is just a really good lid colour, again its nothing special but its really pretty. Minx reminds me a little of Satin Taupe, think of Satin Taupe with a bit more purpley silver in and you've got Minx (or just look at the swatch... might be easier.) One colour I really dislike from this is Ignite, its a very copper colour and it just looks awful on me, I have worn it out and I just didn't like it.

No Flash

You can get it on Debenhams for £33. 
I really like the quality of the eye shadows but I feel that every colour in this palette wouldn't suit just one person. Like how Ignite doesn't suit me, Pebble might not suit someone with a darker skin colour. Its a really handy palette to have for travelling and the packaging is really sturdy and pretty.

Let me know if you've tried any other Smashbox products? I haven't really tried very much from it.



  1. I haven't tried any Smashbox products but I really like the look of this!


    1. Its really good quality, they have lots of other palettes that look good to! x

  2. I agree, Ignite looks very coppery, would be better maybe as a liner on a lower lash line for a pop of colour?

    I've never tried Smashbox either, might have to invest soon! xx

  3. oh my gosh. i want this.

    super lovely blog, girl!

    love, rach.

  4. This palette is beautiful!
    I often use smashbox. In my opinion it works really well and is easy to apply. As for the colors not matching every person's skin I think you can always find a way to make it look good on you if not well you can still look at the color and think about how pretty it is ;)

  5. I love your blog and have awarded you the versatile blogger award :)
    Check it out here:

    Abbi xx

  6. I really like the look of this palette :) I totally get what you mean, too many eyeshadows, not enough eyes!

    Laura xoxo


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