Sunday, 11 December 2011

NYX Jumbo pencil review/haul

I recently ordered these well known NYX jumbo pencils. Now some of you are probably thinking 'yeah and what?' well in England they don't sell them so we just hear everyone else talking about them but we can't get our hands on them. I was desperate to know why everyone loved them so much. I can now see why. 


The colours I got were "Milk", "Bronze", "Gold", "French Fries", "Iced mocha" and "Dark Brown."They are all pretty natural.


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Milk,Bronze,Gold,French Fries,Iced mocha and Dark Brown.

I brought mine of a selling from the US who had 6 for I think $15.99 + shipping. Even though this is more expensive than the price in america they are still very cheap! 
The quality of these are amazing, they are so creamy and pigmented. They glide on so easily so you don't have to scrub your eye to get some colour out like you have to do with some eye shadow pencils. They do crease, not massively and hardly at all if you set them with eye shadow. My favourite has to be "Milk" its perfect in the inner eye to just highlight and make you look more awake. If there is anyone out there that HG eye shadow is satin taupe then "iced mocha" is a creamy version of it, its so pweeety.

For the ebay selling click here.

Hope your having a relaxing Sunday x


  1. So jealous of these, so gorgeous, I love Satin Taupe so might just have to get Iced Mocha!


  2. Milk looks gorgeous! Could use it as a highlighter, can't believe they were so cheap!


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