Monday, 5 December 2011

November Favourites!

Sorry for the lateness of this blog post! But these are the products i've been loving this month. Some of them are new, some arn't.

My skins been feeling horrible this month. I have acne prone skin and normally its oily but recently its been very dry and not very pretty looking. I recently brought the MAC Fix+ and tried it out. Sprayed it on my face before makeup and after, I wasn't to impressed. I then read someone's blog (can't remember which one!) but that they spray there foundation brush with it before they blend their foundation. And I love it! It makes blending your foundation a dream!
This moves me onto my new HG foundation brush. The sigma duo fibre F50. I got this ages ago and didn't really like it very much. However using the Fix + I have now fallen in love with this brush. It creates a flawless finish.

My NEW daily foundation routine

  • Start by priming/ moisturising my face with the garnier BB cream - using my sigma duo fibre F50 brush thats sprayed with fix +. (The Garnier BB Cream also adds abit of coverage)
  • I then buff the Bourjois healthy mix serum all over my face- I LOVE this foundation. Its not to heavy and doesn't break me out! (ITS A MIRICLE!) however- the smell of this foundation is horrendous, its way to strong.
  • Next I use my Chanel 'soleil tan de chanel' sheer illumination fluid. I use this on my cheekbones. It adds a really healthy glow.
  • And my foundation is complete.

I am not a blush person however I found this blush in NARS last month and thought it was perfect. Its not one I've ever heard about before and its the first NARS blush I own. This blush is such a beautiful colour however its extremely pigmented! If you have a heavy hand then you need to stay away from this blush. 'RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.' This colour is how I would discribe a autumn/winter blush. Its got some shimmer in but not to crazy amount. Although for £20.50 thats abit mental to pay for a blush! I have a feeling this will be my first and last NARS blush as I just can't afford it!  

And for my lips, this is Estee Lauder lipstick. Its in the shade Vanilla Truffle and is the most perfect nude colour ever!! There is one problem, Im to scared to use it as the packerging is so beautiful and once again it was mentally priced. (a list of prices will be at the end.) I've been wearing this with Kiehl's lip balm in mango. This lip balm is the most moisturising lip balm ever, it stops those disgusting winter dry, flaky lips.

Lastly is my MUA eye shadow, I won't bore you all and talk about this palette anymore. Ill post a link to my last blog post which is all about this beautiful 'heaven and earth' palette.


Products mentioned:

Garnier BB Cream - £9.99
Healthy Mix Serum- £10.99
Chanel Illuminating fluid- £31.00
Sigma duo Fibre- $18
Mac Fix+ - £7 (for a mini bottle- 30ml)
MUA 'heaven and earth' - £4
Estee Lauder 'vanilla Truffle' - £18.50
Kiehl's Lip Balm - £9.50
NARS torrid- £20.50

What's your favourites of the month?



  1. I adore Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum.. I just bought a bottle recently and it's already my new everyday foundation! It's light but gives just the right amount of coverage! x

  2. I might try that NARS blush, the ones I have at the moment are not pigmented at all. Although that means I'll probably think I need more than I actually do and end up with really rosy cheeks haha!


  3. @Laura - Its amazing isn't it!!

    @Sarah - Thats the only NARS blush I have so i can't compare, but I personally thought it was very pigmented


  4. Nars blushes are my fave! I'm dying to get this MUA palette!
    Btw I am LOVING your blog title honey! Being an avid tea drinker myself hehe
    Great blog!


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