Monday, 12 December 2011

My new dressing table

So I've been re-doing my room and I'm using this small chest of drawers to store all my make-up in. I love it, its so cute and matches the rest of my now 'shabby chic' room.

I've used a mirror I found in our house that my parents got years and years ago. It couldn't be more shabby chic. I also found the light hidden away in our house somewhere and brought a new lamp shade from John Lewis.

There was one problem though....

... somehow I need to get all of this and MORE into these draws. I don't want to just chuck everything in, I want it to be organised so I can tell where everything is. What's your make-up storage like? Anyone recommend anything?


  1. aww thats so cute! you have so much makeup blimey. i'm sure you can get some cute boxes from Ikea, or use old shoe boxes or something? x

  2. I have a mini suitcase that I can store away, but I've been looking at different ways to have my make up on show without looking to cluttered. ;) it's a mammouth task x

  3. Okra do these fabric little boxes you can put in your drawers, thik they're a few quid or you can zip them down if you don't need them. It means you could desperate your base make up from your eye make up and so on.
    So handy :)

  4. @kb - will defiantly check ikea when i next go there. I like to buy things from there shops in person as there stuff looks so different than on the website!

    @Little Miss Em - Isn't it just!? If I was famous and rich i'd hire someone to do it for me :P

    @Jennifer june - okra? never heard of that before, but will check it out now! they sound great!


  5. oh my gosh, completely in love with that mirror! and I love the setup:) are those little piggies on your lamp? hehe

    Rosie Anna

  6. I'm still trying to sort mines out properly. I just have it all stuffed in a drawer, the acrylic cases seem good though.


  7. I use the cutlery drawers from ikea, theyre quite large but only plastic so I suppose you could cut them to size! work lovely and a brilliant shape, cheap too!!



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