Saturday, 17 December 2011


I thought I'd let you guys know what products I've been loving for this festive season. I'm OBSESSED with anything glittery that I can put on my eyes. Its Christmas ? You've got to have a bit of glitter in your life.

The candle I have been loving (along with everyone else on the blogging/youtube community) is the Yankee candle in 'Christmas Cookie.' I ordered this from Debenhams when it was 15% of with free delivery. (I think the offer is ended and I can't find this sent of the candle online any more, maybe they've sold out?) I honestly thought that this sent was going to be the best sent ever. I do love it but its not all its hyped up to be. I personally find that i can't light this candle without my bedroom door being open otherwise it does get over powering and start to become sickly. I do love the sent though. It smells like cookies (hense the name!) I got the largest size that lasts up to 150 hours burning time. Thats burning it solid for what? 6 and a half days!? I dont think i'll ever use it up. 

As i said before I am obsessed with glitter at the moment. I will buy anything that contains glitter or that will make your eyes look all christmasy!

The first thing I've been loving (is the cheapest off all) is the MUA eyeshadow trio in innocence. The light colour is amazing for inner corners and really brightens up your eyes. The other two colours are great crease colours. This was £2.50 from Superdrug (BARGAIN!) 
I've never had an eye shadow from bare minerals but I was on the hunt for a white glittery pigment and fell in love with 'snowflake.' Personally I thought it was rather pricey for £14.50 but its completely worth it! I put this colour over any eye shadows and it just makes your eyes glitter and look all frosty.
Another loose eye shadows is one from MAC. I really want to get hold on some of their glitters but I don't have a PRO store near me so I can't get hold of them easily. I found this pigment while looking for a new lipstick and it was love at first sight. This will make any gold eye shadow just come to life. I dab this over the top at the end and your eyes look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.
Another product from MAC is from there Christmas collection. I'd walked past it a few times and didn't think much of it. I'm not really a collection person. However I saw this colour and thought that this is like my perfect colour. I use "all that glitters" every day as a base colour and this is very similar personally. It just makes a perfect base colour and I can tell I'm going to use it every day. I am actually going to go pick up a couple of back ups, that's how much I love it! - I don't think I've ever brought anything to be a back up before...
Next is a Topshop eye liner. it doesn't have a colour on it but its one of their metallic. I have a couple of these all different colours and honestly they all look the same on the eyes but I still love them. As its Christmas this eye liner is perfect just to create that bit of silver on your eyes. Its looks amazing in your inner eye.

The last two products are one I've been loving for my face. I'm more of a eye shadow girl that a blush girl. I think because I have acne on my cheeks I don't like to draw attention towards them. However my skin has improved so much (been using proactive- will do a blog post about it soon) and I've been starting to love bronzer's and blushes again. My first one is a bronzer. Its from Lancome and I love it. I personally don't wear a blush when I wear this and i bring it up high onto my cheeks. Its got a rosy pink under tone. The packaging is to die for. I don't own anything from Lancome but I defiantly will be buying some more if all their products are like this! ... Sadly... :'( I dropped mine and it has smashed. Which is annoying as now i don't want to take it anywhere as powder gets everywhere. I still use it at home though.

Lastly is a cream blush from MAC. This colour is a very warm coral and looks amazing in winter. I have been wearing this every day and love it!

What are your winter/Christmas favourites??


  1. Mmmm i LOVE yankee candles! I have the christmas cookie one and it is my fave!!

    Kelly xx

  2. Lovely post, i love my yankee cnadles!


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