Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Christmas Presents! (Beauty)

Long time no see ! I've been slacking on the blog posts, it being Christmas and all so I thought I would do post on the Beauty related presents I got. I got lots of lovely presents but not to many beauty ones this year! I think my mum's starting to think I have to much!

I've never brought a expensive perfume, I love perfumes I just think that sometimes they can be over pricey. I got Chanel Chance. (I don't know the prices of any of these as they were all x-mas presents.) The sent I love! Its not to mature and just right for me. In my stocking I got Toni&Guy shampoo and deep conditioner. I haven't used this yet but I can't wait to! I also got in my stocking, Laura Mercier baked eye shadow palette, Chanel Rouge Choco Shine lipstick, YSL shocking mascara, MAC eyeliner in coffee, Benefit "they're real." Then from my brother he got me MAC blush in Melba (I told him I wanted it ) and Estee Lauder double wear eye primer.

 I also got my first ever Illamasqua products! I've heard so much about Illamasqua but there isn't a shop near me so I have never got anything from there. I got a plain black eyeliner, and some eyelashes in number 14. I haven't worn the eyelashes yet but will be on New Years Eve! The eyeliner is great, really pigmented.

Possible the most expensive thing here is the Philosophy Microdelivery Peel Kit. This product is an intense peel that is meant to clean your skin and pores. I have just used it and my skin is SO soft, I am SO impressed with this. I thought it would sting like hell on my sensitive skin but it didn't at all. I'm using it carefully though as for £60 I can't see myself buying it again for some time.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and got lots of great presents!


  1. Ooo let me know when you start using Melba what you think as I want this for myself but not sure yet! Xx

  2. Weeee I got They're Real too! Looks like you did well this year. Just uploaded all of my presents too... I'm still excited about them three days later lol.

  3. Chanel Chance is one of my favourite perfumes ever, I get a Chanel every year but this year I got Coco Mademoiselle. Chance is such a womanly smell, I love it!

  4. Oh my gosh you got Illamasqua! I've always wanted to try something from there, if i'm honest I would pick lashes! I would love to see a review of them soon! Hope you had a very merry christmas! :) ♥

  5. I love They're Real, it's my favourite mascara ever! And Chanel Chance is really lovely as well... you did well this Christmas :) xo


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