Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Anyone have $510 spare?

It's love.
Sigma recently released there 18k gold collection, when i saw it I was drawn in. THEN I see that they have released a complete brush kit.

This kit has 29 of Sigma's best selling brushes and comes with a very handy travel bag.

...However it is rather pricey, at $510 (which is around £320) that's rather a lot to be spending on make-up brushes. Although it would probably come to £900 if you brought 29 MAC brushes, so it defiantly is a bargain! If I had endless money this is defiantly something I would want! Who know, maybe someone out there is very lucky and will be getting this for Christmas? Anyone asked for it?

Maybe in my next life...


  1. I've got the regular complete kit for Christmas, think that willl do me for now lol! I probably wouldn't know what to do with half of them!! Pretty tho. =p

    ~ Lauren <3


  2. I love your blog! :) so I have nominated you for versatile blogger award :)xxxxxxxxxx


  3. He He, that set is so pretty. I've got a set made up of all brands but the regular sigma set is more likely to be in my price range for now :) x

  4. Ohh goshhh! How TEMPTING is this?! I really desperately want/need makeup brushes ha-ha dammit :p

    Gorgeous blog honey :) following you now



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